Concentrating Solar Power Systems

If you have ever seen a field with several mirrors pointing toward the sun you may be looking at a Concentrating Solar Power System. These systems work to concentrate the sunlight to one area and use the heat to heat up the liquid that flows along the pipes. This system is called a Parabolic-Trough System. This type of system heats oil that is flowing through the pipe. The oil is hot and that is why it is used to boil water to power a steam generator that produces power.

The reason that this system works so well is because the U-shaped mirrors attract and collect the suns heat which is then transferred onto the receiver. The receiver absorbs the heat and transfers it into fluid which helps to power the engine. The heat causes the fluid to swell up against the piston and that produces mechanical power. This type of power can be used to run things like generators or power an alternator that produces electricity.

Through this project and other solar power projects we can understand how solar power works. When we see how much solar power is conserved using these U-shaped mirrors we can also understand how much energy is lost. Using Concentrating Solar Power Systems can be very beneficial to the businesses that use them because they won’t have as much down time. Machinery is their only major concern and as long as their machines are taken care of there should be no problems. Industrial types of solar power systems can attract and trap a lot of heat from the sun during the day, especially using mirrors that will reflect the sunlight. It also helps to have this type of solar power out in an open field free of trees and vegetation that may crowd the solar light out.