Ways To Use Solar Power For Heat

We have become accustomed to turning a dial or pushing a button in order to have heat. Heating homes, schools or businesses with solar energy is not only easy but cost effective as well. There are several ways that we can capture the sun’s heat even during the winter months. In order to capture the sun’s heat you need a solar source. This source can be something that will attract the sun rays and trap the heat. A good example is a sun-room.

These rooms are attached to a home or a building and can be constructed of glass panels from the floor to ceiling. It is usually facing the morning sun in order to get the full affect of the heat. When the sun shines into the room the glass allows the sun rays to heat the furniture and everything in the room. These areas become the source that holds the heat in so that it will not escape back out of the glass. This type of heating is natural and can be very efficient if it is constructed correctly.

Other forms of solar power heat are:

Thermal mass that absorbs and holds in the heat. It traps and holds heat while the sun is shining and disperses the heat when the sun goes down.

Trombe Walls are another natural solar heating and ventilation system that uses air channels to hold the heat between a glass object and a thermal mass that is facing the sun. The sunlight gets trapped and stored inside the wall and is then circulated through vents in the top and bottom of the wall. The wall radiates the heat.

Transpired Collector is also a wall that is used facing the sun. The wall absorbs the sunlight and heats the air when it enters into the ventilation system.

Solar Cooling is a great way to ventilate a building. It absorbs the solar heat and cools it making ice with a solar powered steam engine that is attached to a cooling device.

Solar Chimneys are another solar ventilation system. It is made of a thermal mass that is hollow inside. The warm air inside the chimney will naturally rise, which will allow the air to circulate and vent up and out.

There are several ways that we can provide heating and cooling to our homes, businesses, buildings or other structures that need to be heated. The ways listed above are by using all natural materials that will pay off in the long run. That is why using the sun and not artificial heating sources that may be produced by non-renewable resources is so important.